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Jan 10

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Color Correct
Color is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. It has the power to create a mood and drive a storyline. Consider how powerful it is in the marketplace. When strolling through a department store full of racks, you really can't see much of the construction details of the garments.  It is the color that pulls you over to a particular rack to investigate further. Use our visceral reaction to color to your advantage to interest and engage buyers.

It doesn't have to match - it has to go!
Matching is nice, but a collection that works has that je ne sais quoi. It is so nice to see a collection where the pieces work so well, but you don't know quite why. It is intriguing, memorable, and exciting.

Vary the scale - yes.
Create depth and interest by varying the scale of the pieces within your collections. 

Obsess about scale when creating - pass.
One of the most frequent questions I get is, "what size should I make my artwork?". Create in the manner that feels natural to you. If you like working big, go for it! If you like working tiny, that's great. When products go to production, the scale will need to be manipulated to suit the product. One company will need it one way for stationery and another company will need it a different way for bedding for example. Until then, be free and create in the way that feels good!

Create a mood.
Great collections that have a strong storyline that really draws in the viewer. Think about a feeling you want to convey and what statement you want your collections to make.

Too many cooks in the kitchen.
Make sure your collection has a piece that takes the starring role. A compelling collection has an Oscar-winning star and a great supporting cast.

Strike the right balance.
There is no perfect number of pieces needed for a collection. In the end the number of pieces needed will depend on the product category/client. Build enough pieces so that a clear storyline can come through.

Khristian A. Howell lives by the mantra live colorfully. Learn more about her world of color and pattern at