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Apr 16

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4/16/2013 9:48 AM  RssIcon

We are new to SURTEX this year, and our journey is worth sharing. Like any journey, it started from ground zero, when we first wrote down “SURTEX” as a goal on our business plan a couple of years ago. We have stayed focused, diligent and creative to reach our goal, and here we are, just over a month away from our debut at SURTEX 2013.

If you are an artist who has been trying to figure out how to make this dream of yours happen, we are here to inspire you with our own experience.  Following are the three main obstacles we confronted during this process, and how we overcame them.

1. Time and Money. “We can't afford it!”

Even if you have the money to pay for the SURTEX booth and expenses, how are you going to afford spending all that time creating art without producing money? This is a long-term investment industry and you shouldn't be counting on financial results quickly. What did we do? A crowd-funding campaign where we were blessed by friends and contributors who are still donating to our SURTEX dream.  All the details are here. Also, through offering different services that are less time consuming (among them design and photo editing web classes), we were able to generate a stronger and more regular source of income that allowed us to invest more time on designing and building our portfolio.

2. Value of the Investment. “Is my art appealing to the industry?”

After everything it takes to re-align your life financially, the next question is “Am I really going to be able to sell my art?” I recommend you ask this question and start getting answers long before SURTEX. We started showing our designs a year before the show and the feedback was very positive. The feedback also included great suggestions to make it better, and provided great experience working with buyers. By the time you are ready for SURTEX, you should have no doubt that your art has great potential and manufacturers are interested in buying it.

3. I feel lost in this big industry. “Should I get an agent or do it on my own?”

This is a big question that most artists need to figure out. The purpose of listing it here is not to tell you whether one option is better than the other, but to make sure this decision isn’t an obstacle to showing your art at SURTEX. We made this decision very early in the game. What helped us decide? Besides reading and immersing ourselves in the ups and downs of the industry, we consulted others and stayed connected through all the industry’s social media platforms. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help, and they all became mentors to us. We found support, friendly suggestions and different perspectives.

Come visit us at booth 755.  You can learn more about our SURTEX 2013 journey by following us at DariDesignStudio blog.