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Posted on 6/24/2013 by Natasha Davis

June 24, 2013 -- Parcai Designs is excited to announce the addition of artists Erin Sparler, Anna Stowe, and Elaina Unger to their team.

Elaina Unger takes the quirks and silliness of life and embodies them in the form of loveable characters. The personalities in her art satirize situations so that the viewer can connect to the art and understand the characters as if they were friends. Elaina uses an assortment of colors, patterns, and themes to keep her artwork fresh and appealing to people of any age or gender.

As a graphic designer & illustrator, Anna Stowe has almost a decade of experience working with clients and companies on product, web, graphic design, surface design and illustration projects Inspired by her surroundings in Nova Scotia, Canada, you will often see themes such as wildlife, forests, and nature explored in Anna's work. She uses art to explore her interests, everyday interactions, and enjoys marrying beauty with function. Her Russian maternal roots, love of folk art and illustration from the 1930's - 50's, lead to work with mid-century and Baltic influences, tending to be bright, joyous and full of whimsical character. Her licensed work has been featured on the printed pages of Interior Design Magazine, Azure Magazine & COVER Modern Carpets & Textiles.

With her unique vision and technical skills, Erin Sparler uses cutting-edge techniques to create one-of-a kind artwork. Geometrically fluid, eye-popping color and aesthetically rich, the art is communicative and commercial, simple and complex. Created through a combination of mediums and techniques, including the use of hand drawn elements, watercolor painting techniques, vector graphics, and compositing, her technique and the resulting designs are unique and have broad appeal. Erin has over eleven-years of experience teaching Digital Art at the collegiate level. The ideas inherent in these classes inform and infuse her designs, making them timeless and classic, while her constant exposure to the students and trends or “memes” of the Internet keeps her artwork young and fresh. She is a master of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom as well as color management, an added benefit to the manufacturer and retailers who utilize her designs for their product lines.

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