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Woo Hoo Design Studio joins ALLA! Welcome to Teresa Woo-Murray!

Posted on 10/16/2013 by Sasha Campbell

Surface designer and illustrator, Teresa Woo-Murray is very pleased to join forces with her fellow LA artists. She has licensed artwork on many products such as fabric, rugs, greeting cards, gift bags and wrap that can be found at Target, JoAnn’s Fabrics, The Container Store, Bristol Farms and online retailers.

Press Release Art Licensing LA
Malibu, California – October 15, 2013

Woo Hoo Design Studio joins ALLA! Welcome to Teresa Woo-Murray!

Surface designer and illustrator, Teresa Woo-Murray is very pleased to join forces with her fellow LA artists. She has licensed artwork on many products such as fabric, rugs, greeting cards, gift bags and wrap that can be found at Target, JoAnn’s Fabrics, The Container Store, Bristol Farms and online retailers.

Woo Hoo Design Studio recently signed a licensing contract with Oklahoma Embroidery Supply and Design (OESD) for her Cupid and Floral Collection, a grouping of 25 designs for machine embroidery for release in January 2014.

Introducing Bella Caronia, brand new art created by Amanda Caronia
Bella Caronia is a surface pattern design brand created for those who love nature and color. Designer and creator Amanda Caronia has a strong artistic eye and specializes in hand paintings and drawings. Her designs are a mixture of vintage inspirations and a unique modern sketch style. With a BA in studio art from Colorado Collage, she earned a certificate in textile design from Otis College of Art and Design. Working on her brand and artwork since 2008 she is proud to join Art Licensing LA and share her favorite designs with others.

Deep in the Forest: a new collection of monoprints from LuAnn Roberto
Monoprinter and graphic designer LuAnn Roberto has created a new collection titled Deep in the Forest. The collection includes wooded paths, autumn themed foilage and woodland creatures. These pieces were created using tree bark, twigs and other organic materials on the press with digital, hand drawn and painted enhancements.

After debuting at Surtex in May 2013, LuAnn has signed two licensing deals and has a wall art license pending.

Request to see her portfolio at

Jeanetta Gonzales launches five new lines of checks with Check Advantage
Since debuting this year at the Surtex Marketplace in May, Jeanetta Gonzales has signed her first licensing deal with online check retailer, Check Advantage.

Go here to see Jeanetta’s profile page and choose from her 5 collections of various themes like coffee and tea, florals, Paris and hearts and love. There you can purchase matching checkbook covers and address labels in each collection to coordinate with your personal checks. Follow Jeanetta on her blog,, to see upcoming announcements from her studio.

Sara Berrenson signs a licensing deal with Uncommon!
Uncommon creates beautiful iPhone, iPad, and iPod cases which have been featured in numerous magazines and publications. Her collection includes 6 designs ranging from florals to geometrics, all painted in her signature lively and colorful watercolor style.

Check out and purchase Sara's collections here.

Ginger17 launches a new greeting card collection: Women You Know
Ginger17 artist  Sara Swan began collecting unique and artful greeting cards as far back as she can remember, giving her a lifelong source of inspiration.

Currently, Sara is developing her own line of cards titled Women You Know. The series features a broad range of fanciful illustrations of women of all ages, backgrounds and styles. Cards for holidays, birthdays, friendship and more are included in this colorful series.  Sara is also in the early planning stages of two more greeting card lines, which will feature her cats and owls, and other birds and animals

Debra Valencia™ Debuts New Line of Personal Checks with 6 Designs
Debra Valencia is pleased to announce her new line of personal checks licensed with Check Advantage. Six collections include multi-color designs in each set with matching address labels and check covers. Designs featured include her most popular feminine prints: Bloom, Boho Girl, Kyoto, Leopard, Mia and Prima Flourish. Prices start at $17.95. Go here to see all six designs.

Also visit her website for additional product information:

•    Sara Berrenson and LuAnn Roberto both signed licensing deals with Check Advantage
•    Jeanetta Gonzales is slated to be a panelist at the October 2013 blogger's conference, Blogalicious Five. The topic is Blogging for Creatives: How Artists, Designers and DIYers Show Creative Inspiration and Tell Stories Behind Their Work.
•    Debra Valencia has been selected as an Elite Surface Designer for Keka Case, increasing their assortment from 6 to 20 designs for phone and tablet cases
•    Art Licensing LA will be exhibiting at Surtex 2014, booth #734-736 in May of this year.

Visit for more group news.

Art Licensing LA is a collaborative group of artists based in the cultural melting pot of Southern California. The five founding members include: Sara Berrenson, Ginger 17™, Jeanetta Gonzales, LuAnn Roberto™ and Debra Valencia™. Inspired by the California lifestyle: progressive, modern, colorful, confident, bold, non-traditional — they have a sense of style that translates across all markets and regions. They are especially passionate about creating a wide variety of fine art, surface design, illustration and graphic design suitable for licensing to manufacturers in the stationery, gift, home décor and craft industries.
More than an art resource, the ALLA artists are partners with each manufacturer for successfully building brands, designing innovative productlines and growing sales and categories. Their vast combined experienceincludes art direction, branding, graphic design and production, character art, fine art, package design, style guides and point of purchase displays. All artists are Los Angeles design professionals, and extremely knowledgeable about printing and manufacturing techniques,as well as experts in digital artwork file preparation.
With a combined portfolio of over 2000 images, ALLA effectively applies their creative talents to give each client an edge within each market. They currently offer popular licensing themes: florals, nature, wildlife, beach,food, wine, coffee, holidays, travel, pet, home, garden, baby, children, paisley, novelty, inspiration, humor and more. They can develop custom themed collections upon request to meet the demands of current trends. They understand consumer trends and provide strategic direction for product linedevelopment to manufacturers.
Sara Berrenson is a designer, flea market aficionado, and full time fabric hoarder. She has a passion for prints, patterns, bright colors and anything floral. With a background in fine arts and graphic design, she works in the creative field specializing in packaging, branding, surface design and textile design. Drawing inspiration from nature, interior decoration and fashion, Sara's art is primarily created by hand; gouache, chalk pastels, and watercolor. On the weekends, you can find her at the flower mart taking photos for her next watercolor, or at the Rose Bowl Flea Marketscouting out antique furniture and fabrics.
Ginger 17
artist, Sara Swan, has a background in illustration, giving her a solid foundation for the world of art licensing. Her imagery is whimsical and humorous. Quirky human characters, animals and elements from nature, anything dreamy or childlike, are typical of Sara’s work. She works with pastels on paper and occasionally paints with oils. Attending Art Center College of Design gave her the opportunity to work with outstanding instructors who are prominent in design and illustration.
Much of Sara’s licensing portfolio lends itself to the children’s market. She is also creating repeat patterns for home décor, dishware and bedding.

Jeanetta Gonzales creative professional, works as a senior designer and art director, providing her expertise in print, packaging, branding, textile and surface design and product development for industries such as consumer products and toys. Having degrees in both fine art and graphic design, she combines traditional media such as pen and ink, gouache and watercolor with digital illustration and hand-lettering to create her graphic, sketchy and textural style. Drawing inspiration from nature and ethnic patterns she works in various styles that compliment the categories of tweens and teens, paper products, home decor, gift and tabletop items.

LuAnn Roberto creates wall art, patterns and prints for just about any application with a refined sense of design, a deep appreciation for the accidents of creativity and experimentation, and a generous sense of humor. An advocate for the unexpected, LuAnn is an avid trendspotter. The fusion of contemporary graphic design, old school mono printing and thrilling color make her images experimental, innovative and appealing to a variety of consumers.
Debra Valencia™ is a surface artist, product designer and entrepreneur with a passion for multicultural traditions and travel. Specializing in patterns and icons, her signature look is vibrant and colorful reflecting her inspiration by craftsman, textile arts, architectural ornamentation from around the world, as well as pop art, fashion and everything vintage. Debra’s expertise in branding, packaging and consumer trends makes her a key resource in providing strategic direction for product line development. The Debra Valencia™ brand is licensed with 25 manufacturers in stationery, textiles, home décor, gift, craft and fashion accessories. Debra teaches seminars and college courses for artists.
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Debra Valencia
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