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If you found yourself too busy during SURTEX 2014 to attend our fantastic Conference sessions, you can still view them now and reap the benefits of this valuable industry insight.  We videotaped the Track I and Track II sessions and are making them available individually for the nominal fee of $40 each.  Or, purchase an entire track or both tracks for further discounts.

Please note: You will receive links and passwords to purchased conference sessions within 48 hours. 

2014 Conference Program

Distinct Business Strategies from a Creative Perspective
Intelligence for Manufacturers, Designers and Retailers

 Basics: Monetizing Your Creativity

Business Model: Art Licensing
Sunday, May 18, 9:00 - 10:30am, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

Thinking about getting into the art licensing business?  Here’s your chance to learn all about the basics –how licensing works, getting started, identifying opportunities and potential challenges, as well as navigating the increasing demand for limited licensed art.  You’ll gain valuable insight into the lucrative art licensing world, to help you determine if it’s the right business for your creativity.


Penny Sikalis
Vice President, SURTEX


Suzanne Cruise
Cruise Creative Services

Business Model: Selling Art & Design 
Sunday, May 18, 11:00am - 12:30pm, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

Interested in selling your artwork outright instead of licensing?  For years, textile designers and studios have been successful selling their original, often hand-created, designs to manufacturers and retailers.  In this session, you’ll learn how it all works including who ends up owning the copyright, how designs are priced for various categories, what constitutes a “collection”, and much more! Navigate this straightforward business model with savvy imparted by our expert speakers.


Penny Sikalis
Vice President, SURTEX


Dan Nazario


Tristian Goodfellow
Diane Harrison Studio

Agent or Not? 
Sunday, May 18, 1:30- 3:00pm, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

So you love creating terrific art & design, but not too keen on identifying and prospecting clients to buy or license your work, or dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis?  It’s a unique individual who can do it all, which is why agents (and agencies) exist to handle the business side of things. Come learn what an agent can do for you, how the relationship works, including how they get paid, and how to select the right agent for yourself.  You’ll hear first-hand experiences from all perspectives – a successful agent, along with one of their artists, as well as a successful artist who does it all by herself. Then decide for yourself how to approach the future of your business.


Penny Sikalis
Vice President, SURTEX


Gary Levine
Roaring Brook Art
Company, Inc.


Sarah Linkey
Tre Sorelle Studios


Tara Reed
Tara Reed Designs

Anatomy of a Licensing Contract
Sunday, May 18, 3:30- 5:00pm, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

The licensing agreement is a crucial tool of understanding in the art licensing business, no matter what side of the fence you’re on. For licensees, it’s critical to spell out what’s required from designers/artists and what the parameters are for sales, royalties and approvals. For the licensor, the contract defines what is expected, as well as one’s rights and responsibilities.  It’s the blueprint for doing business amongst the parties involved.  Join our legal counsel as we dissect a prototype contract from top to bottom, and cover key topics.

Joshua Kaufman, Esq.
Venable LLP

 Deep Dive: Legal & Product Intel

Protecting Artwork through Copyrights & More
Monday, May 19, 8:00- 9:30am, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

Concerned about having designs copied and used illegally?  Interested in learning the best ways to protect intellectual property including art & design?  Everyone should be well-versed in such an important topic!  This session will dig into the fundamentals of copyright filing, then, expand into legal options and suggested actions should you discover your work is being used without permission …. whether on textiles, paper, tabletop, or any other product, as well as in the fast-changing digital landscape.

Meaghan H. Kent, Esq.
Venable LLP

Licensing Agreements: Challenges & Resolutions 
Monday, May 19, 10:00- 11:30am, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

A licensing deal is like a marriage, except with a specified length of time (ok, and maybe a few other differences).  The bottom line is that once the contract is signed, the partnership isn’t always smooth sailing – it requires constant nurturing.  Our experts will present some real-life examples of challenging scenarios, how they were dealt with and resolved. These varying circumstances can happen to anyone, so get armed with knowledge to help anticipate potential bumps, and best practices to drive the most positive outcome.


Joshua Kaufman, Esq. 
Venable LLP


Po Yi, Esq. 
Venable LLP


Steve Harris

Category Gurus: Textiles & Home Fashion 
Monday, May 19, 12:30- 2:00pm, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

Want to develop more clients in the expanding textiles and home fashion industries, but not really sure how they select designs or licensors? Learn from our experts in this sector as they share insights -- from how and when manufacturers want to see new designs, collections, and artwork; what’s the process once they make their selections; how involved is the artist/designer in the development stage; and more.  Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at these very design-driven categories.


Janet Racy
Janet Racy & Company


Stephanie Dell'Olio
Marcus Brothers Textiles, Inc.


Angela Boswell
VP Design and
Product Development
Ellery Homestyles


Tonya Bott
Art Director
Saturday Knight Limited


David Cipperman
Creative Director

Category Gurus: Paper & Stationery
Monday, May 19 2:30- 4:00pm, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

The paper, stationery and crafting sectors rely on great artwork to make their plethora of products stand out on retail shelves.  It’s a huge category with unique opportunities as well as nuances. Our guru speakers will fill you in on their specific product development needs and cycles, design selection procedures, what’s typically licensed versus bought, and what’s actually created in-house. Come hear how you can dive into these categories and get your piece of the pie.


Janet Racy
Janet Racy & Company


Sue Buchta


Carol Dierckes
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Crown Point Graphics LLC


Diane Harper
Executive V.P./Creative Director
Sullivan Paper Co., Inc.

Category Gurus: Tabletop, Gift & Home Decor
Monday, May 19 4:30- 6:00pm, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

Designing for the diverse tabletop, gift and home décor products requires a real understanding of the manufacturers’ needs, as well as a vision for 3D and varied surface application techniques.  Will fabulous graphic designs translate into a collection of dinnerware, or into a line of closet accessories?  What’s in demand for giftware and décor?  How are the production methods different for each, and how should artwork be prepared?  Our expert speakers will share their knowledge and advise how to best approach these categories for maximum success.


Janet Racy
Janet Racy & Company


Liz Wain
Creative Director
Things Remembered

Judy Labins

Design/Creative Director
Boston Intl, Inc.
Dorothy Lierman

Executive Head of Merchandising
Tervis Tumbler

 High Level: Strategies For Business Growth

Building a Powerhouse Brand
Tuesday, May 20, 8:00- 9:30am, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

Brands don’t succeed by accident. They are built over time, through solid strategies that involve research, design, management and user experience measurements. Getting it right means appealing to both hearts and minds, reinforcing the brand’s promise and building strong equity that drives real business performance.  We’ll explore the journeys of two well-known brands  -- one a long-standing, established global brand, the other a young, fast-growing luxury brand – both successful in captivating loyal audiences.


Jennifer Castoldi
CEO & Chief Creative Director
Trendease International


Lauren Sizeland
Director, Business Development & Licensing
V&A Licensing


John Haesler
MHS Licensing + Consulting

Interpreting & Using Trends to Create Winning Products 
Tuesday, May 20, 10:00- 11:30am, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

With today’s customers much more educated about color and design trends, manufacturers and retailers must be savvier than ever about using colors effectively in any product mix, and developing the right products that will resonate with consumers.  So how does one get to know what’s right and what should sell?  It starts with trend forecasting --- and importantly, understanding how to interpret then adapt those trends into a design strategy that will help products stand out in a competitive marketplace, shape customer perception and ideally increase sales. Our speaker will examine the business of trends, particularly color, and share a strategic perspective on this often mystifying world of forecasting.


Jennifer Castoldi
CEO & Chief Creative Director
Trendease International

Tod Schulman
Creative Director
Pantone Color Institute

Successful Expansion Through Strategic Initiatives
Tuesday, May 20, 12:30- 2:00pm, Javits Center - Room 1A04/05

Interested in expanding your business?  Perhaps you have a vision of its future, but may not know the best route for getting there?   Or maybe your current business is too one-dimensional, and you’re exploring different avenues for synergistic growth? No matter what the situation, the key to successful expansion is well-thought out strategy, and execution plans.  Join our expert speakers as they share their experiences – including pros & cons – and results of taking their companies to new heights.


Jennifer Castoldi
CEO & Chief Creative Director
Trendease International


Trish DiPette
Formerly SVP Licensing
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia


Scott Power
Crewest Studios

2014 Conference Pricing

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$750 $900

Full Conference with Show Badge (Provides access to the Show floor on Tuesday, May 20, as well as all sessions included in the Track Packages below.)

$850 $1,000

Track I (includes all Sunday sessions, 1 lunch voucher and admission to Sunday Meet-Up)

$275 $350

Track II (includes all Monday sessions, 1 lunch voucher and admission to Monday Meet-Up)

$325 $400

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$175 $250

Individual Sessions

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