2016 Conference Schedule


How to Profit From Original Art & Design:
Strategies for Art Business Prosperity for Designers, Manufacturers and Retailers

SURTEX is the only event of its kind. The annual three day show delivers today’s trends in art and design for tomorrow’s products. Manufacturers and retailers flock to SURTEX each year searching for new art, trends and concepts for their finished products. Buyers represent all categories of finished product sold at retail. They come to source “that next big thing” to stay competitive and on top of trends in the marketplace.

The SURTEX conference program is a comprehensive offering of exclusive content seminars designed to provide designers, manufacturers, retailers and others in the field with practical ‘how to’ advice on the sales process from creation, to product development to retail placement.

NO OTHER event can match our line up!

Track I: Essentials

Monetizing Your Art I: Starting Out – Licensing & Sales
Sunday, May 15 – 8:30 – 10:00am

This introductory seminar covers the basics of what you need to know to make the critical decision to start selling and licensing art. Part I will help you determine how to begin, define all the vital tools necessary to get up and running, explore detail basic terms, and outline the steps you need to take in order to be successful.


 SuzanneCruise  Debbie-Taylor-Kerman  LarryHersberger  
Suzanne Cruise
Cruise Creative
Debbie Taylor-Kerman
Debbie Taylor-Kerman Inc.
Larry Hersberger
Art 2 License

Monetizing Your Art II: Strategies for Marketing, Promotion and Publicity
Sunday, May 15 – 11:00am – 12:30pm

The second half of monetizing your art addresses in greater detail key building blocks to fortify your presence in the market. Whether selling surface pattern designs or licensing, once you’ve committed to your art business, we’ll provide you with the tools necessary to get you noticed and to position yourself for growth. This seminar is a good refresher for established studios and independent artists as well as new designers committed to success.


 Jan-Draheim  MarySherPhoto  jodiPetriPic  
Jan Draheim
Painted Planet
Mary Sher
Director of Licensing
Bentley Licensing
Jodi Pedri
Working Girls Design

How to Locate, Evaluate and Work with an Agent
Sunday, May 15 – 1:30 – 3:00pm

Your agent can be a formidable asset in making sure you do the right things to build your brand, get to key decision makers and handle all of the nitty gritty details to run your business. While there are artists who handle their own representation, agents often play a key role in making  sure you have time to be creative.  Great insight too for manufacturers who often have to deal with a number of agents knocking daily on their doors with exciting new art.


 PaulWheeler  GaryLevine  
Paul Wheeler
Looking Good Licensing
Gary Levine
Roaring Brook Art

Essential Contracts and Agreements
Sunday, May 15, 3:30- 5:00pm

Learn everything legal you need to know to protect your business.

What is a typical licensing contract? How can you maximize your rights when entering into one? And, what goes into an agreement when you sell your art outright. This is a ‘must attend’ seminar for all.


Joshua Kaufman, Esq.
Venable LLP


Track II: Advanced Strategies

Manufacturer Roundtable: Home Decor, Home Fashions, Tabletop and Textiles
Monday, May 16 – 8:30 – 10:00am

These category leaders share their perspective on what it takes to become a valuable licensor or go to resource for outright purchase. How should your art be presented? How do you get in the door for review?  What are the key things you should NEVER do? This exclusive panel provides insight , answers and real time advice on getting their attention AND signatures on a licensing deal.


 SuzyBramlettMohawk  Christophermooney  MarcSchwartz  LindaOdonnell    
Suzy Bramlett
Design Director
Mohawk Industries
Christopher Mooney
VP Marketing/Design/PD
Avanti Linens
Marc Schwartz
Bob Mackie Design Group
Linda O’donnell
Design Director

Manufacturer Roundtable: Gift, Paper, Puzzles and More
Monday, May 16, 11:00am- 12:30pm

The ‘gate keepers’ for these coveted categories reveal what they look for and how they like to see submitted art. When is the best time to reach them?  How many pieces of art do they license or purchase? What is the typical royalty structure for all? All this and much much more as our panel opens up as only they can in a live ‘you are there’ seminar that you’ll never get on a website or by reading on-line blogs!


 SusanJanuaryHeadshot  lauraduellman  LisaKluthe  
Susan January
Vice President
Leanin Tree
Laura Duellman
Director Product Development
Masterpiece Puzzles
Lisa Kluthe
VP Art & Licensing
Evergreen Enterprises

Copyrights and Protecting your Art
Monday, May 16, 1:30- 3:00pm

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about protecting your intellectual property are provided by Jeanne Hamburg Esq. our go-to resident presenter on all things copyright. Join Jeanne as she walks you thru a standard contract from start to finish and provides you with the tools you’ll need to make sure your art remains YOUR ART!


Jeanne Hamburg, Esq.
Norris McLaughlin & Marcus PA

What Licensees Really Look For…A View from Inside the Director’s Mind
Monday, May 16 3:30- 5:00pm

How can you determine what a licensee is really looking for? And, what are the signals that indicate they love your work or will never get back to you. Under Julie Ager’s direction as agent and moderator, we’ll walk you thru several scenarios to help you understand the role of the licensee art director and to prepare you for the many challenges of submitting art, making requested changes and more.


 Julie-Ager  NicoleTamarinpic
Julie Ager
Artistic Design Group
Nicole Tamarin
Nicole Tamarin
Mary Topinko
Design Director
Bardwil Industries
Anne Brown
Director Product Development
Studio M


Track III: Business Enhancements

New Age of Art Marketing: Websites, Blogging, Social Media and more…
Tuesday, May 17 – 8:30 – 10:00am

Marketing yourself correctly in Social Media is not just a nice to have any more for Artists. It is a real necessity. As an artist, you can post all of your work on Pinterest, Blog yourself ‘blue’, tweet and re-tweet your portfolio, use all manner of social media and beyond but without a method to your madness your attempts to let the world know you are out there will fall flat. Join Jasmine Sandler, a globally known expert, author, consultant and trainer on the subject of Social Branding as well as the CEO of a 12 year old Social Media Agency, as she shares the realities of marketing yourself and best practices of standing out online.



Jasmine Sandler

The Artist ‘Life Cycle’: From New Business to Established Operation
Tuesday, May 17, 11:00am- 12:30pm

From starting out to reinventing yourself years after the pinnacle of success, join us as we journey with three artists, each in a different stage of their careers. The diverse challenges of beginning , then growing and ultimately maintaining a lucrative art business are shared and discussed in an lively and highly informative session covering all aspects of the business. Discover where you are on the artist ‘lifestyle’.


 marybethfreetpic  Andie-Hanna
Mary Beth Freet
Andie Hanna
Sarah McAnerny
Liz Wain
Wain’s World Consulting

Trends: What Everyone Wants to Know and is Eager to Ask…
Tuesday, May 17, 1:30- 3:00pm

What themes to create, what palettes to use and so much more are explored in an informative session designed to prove short term perspective on the trends manufacturers and retailers want for next season as well as where we may be going in the years ahead. Join us for an up close and personal analysis of Trends 2017 and beyond.


 Woodmanphoto_2  EmmaS Patti_Carpenter  
Mark Woodman
Emma Schonenberg
Patti Carpenter
Carpenter & Company
Renee Jacobs
Renee Jacobs



If you didn’t get a chance to attend a conference session while at SURTEX 2015, here’s your chance to catch up. 

The SURTEX Conference Program titled, “Distinct Business Strategies from a Creative Perspective: Intelligence for Manufacturers, Designers and Retailers”, consists of ten 90 minute sessions. These sessions provide a fast track curriculum for art & design business professionals. 

The videos are available individually for a nominal fee of $45 each. Or buy multiple sessions to enjoy package rates! Purchase today.