On The Surface


April 28th, 2016

By Jeff Grinspan, Grinspan & Co., Conference Coordinator

Attending the SURTEX Conference Program is essential to professional success. Here's why:

Don't believe you can learn it all on line: If you think you can simply sit at your computer and surf the internet for all the information and educational details you need to accomplish anything, think again. It's not so.

There are three compelling advantages to actually attending SURTEX in person and participating live in the conference seminars:

1. Get exclusive content in person...
Nothing compares to sitting in a lecture and listening to a live human being speak. Try raising your hand while you're watching a video and see where that gets you. Being in the very room with the experts means you can ask questions unique to your personal circumstances and interact with the speaker or panel members in a way you can never do with a recorded presentation. The SURTEX sessions are specifically designed to allow participation during the presentation. No waiting till the end to find out what you want to know about your business.

2. And then there’s the follow-up…
Another exclusive benefit to sitting in a seminar is the opportunity to approach speakers at the conclusion of the presentation. Most speakers are glad to hang around a bit and provide details on, say, what kind of art they are looking for, or when they review submissions, or how their expertise can be accessed post-show. We always leave at least a half hour between sessions. You never know what doors could open in those 30 minutes!

3. Did someone say ‘networking?’…
It goes without saying that there is no substitute to hanging with like-minded individuals who have "been there/ done that," or find themselves with the same challenges you may have. What a great way to learn and grow and, in the process, even make some new friends! Better than emailing, better than texting, better than tweeting....

Need I say more? See you in New York!

PS: Make sure you pre-register for the seminars of your choice. You’ll save on both individual sessions and on the special packages. Click here for the complete schedule.