On The Surface


January 30th, 2016
ALL ABOARD 3-TRACK CONFERENCE -- The 2016 SURTEX Conference Program will feature three tracks, each leading to greater professionalism: Essentials, Advanced Strategies, and Business Enhancements.

The Essentials track will cover everything you need to get started in licensing: sales, marketing, working with agents, contracts, and more. Advanced Strategies digs into copyrights and protecting your art, plus, it takes a deeper look at the business from the manufacturers’ viewpoint. Business Enhancements covers trends, marketing, and the life cycle of an artist, from new business to established operation.

Early bird pricing is available until March 1: Individual sessions, $90 each; full program, $650 for buyers, $800 for non-buyers.

Full program details and registration coming soon at surtex.com.