Trend Sessions


Industry experts, thought leaders and trend-spotters will deliver insight on the latest design, style and buying trends in a variety of product categories – from textiles and tabletop to stationery and fashion. The Trend Theatre will feature two 30-minute presentations, delivered each show day and more.

Sunday, February 3

10:30 - 11:00 am

Merchandising Surface Pattern Collections

In this presentation, Michelle will explore how to merchandise surface pattern designs to create an eye-catching product collection.

Presented by Michelle Fifis, The Pattern Observer

michelle fifis.jpg

2:00 - 2:30 pm

Fusion of Fashion and Home Through Color, Patterns and Materials

Presented by Nancy Fire, Design Works International

nancy fire.jpg

Monday, February 4

10:30 – 11:00am

What the BLEEP is Art Licensing...and Why Retailers Should Care

I get asked all the time, even by people in the trade.  The question never surprises me.  In fact, I LOVE telling people what the heck art licensing is.  Even more, I love telling them why they should care.  In our 30-minute fun, interactive and chocolate-fueled presentation we'll de-mystify what art licensing really is and explore why retailer buyers should be paying attention to the trends, art and patterns licensors are creating and how it will impact what they buy in months to come.  We'll learn, we'll laugh, we'll give away prizes and most of all, we'll be able to spread the word that art makes everything awesome.

Presented by Anita Petersen, Wild Apple Graphics 

anita peterson.jpg

2:00pm - 2:30pm

The Power of Color Harmonies for Home Products and Interiors

Color choices for home products and interior are important for commercial success.  Often people are cautious when it comes to color use.  Hence the popularity of many shades of beige, especially in interiors.  But with the right color combinations, show in inspirational images, it is interesting to see people getting excited about more interesting color harmonies.  And it's so satisfying when your clients become passionate and excited about the product you can make or the interior work you can do for them, also commercially of course!

Presented by Martin Salet, Astrid Davidse Design

Tuesday, February 5

10:30 – 11:00am

The Influence of Luxury Textiles

Shkendie Kaziu-Basler of Global Luxury and Jakob Schlaepfer presents how luxury textiles have influenced the fashion and design industries around the world.  She will talk about the design and quality of luxury textiles which have helped shape the runway trends each season.

Presented by Shkendie Kaziu-Basler, Jakob Schlaepfer AG/Global Luxury LLC

Shkendie Kaziu-Basler.png

2:00- 2:30pm

Top Design Trends for Children's Fashion and Lifestyle: Spring/Summer 2020

The world of children is a fascinating place filled with so much creativity--seen in clothing, accessories, furniture, toys, textiles and graphic arts.  Get informed and inspired by the latest looks from international trade shows for kid's apparel and products, highlighting key trends, seasonal color palettes, new print direction and more! 

Presented by Janet A. Jacobs, Kids a la Mode

janet jacobs.JPG

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