Trend Sessions

Industry experts, thought leaders and trend-spotters will deliver insight on the latest design, style and buying trends in a variety of product categories – from textiles and tabletop to stationery and fashion – in the new 2018 Theatre on the Boulevard which will feature three 30-minute presentations, delivered each show day and more.

Sunday, May 20

10:00 - 10:30 am
Title: 'No Problem' Trends from Design Students
Description: Eric Ramirez will be distributing a survey to FIT students to inquire what they like/dislike. Where do they see the fashion industry now and where it's going in the future. Ramirez will report their thoughts on designers, color, textiles, technology and future predictions for the fashion industry accompanied with visuals.
Speaker: Eric Ramirez, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Textile Surface Design and Fabric Styling Department

Eric Ramirez
12:30 – 1:00 pm
Title: Vintage and Antique Textiles
Description: Bridgette Morphew & Jason Lyon of Paradox/Morphew discuss with Marie-Joie Hughes how they see and use vintage and antique textiles for design inspiration. They will also talk about the growing trend of vintage and authentic ethnic textiles and craftsmanship in the contemporary retail marketplace.

Paradox is a leading resource for the world's top designers, sourcing vintage & antique textiles for design inspiration globally. Their work spans from clients such as Dior and McQueen to ASOS & Top Shop to Trina Turk & Tommy Bahama.

Marie-Joie Hughes has been in the home market for over 30 years. Formerly VP of Product Development for Pottery Barn / Williams-Sonoma. MJ now consults with overseas factories & villages developing meaningful and sustainable designs.
Speaker: Bridgette Morphew & Jason Lyon/Paradox/Morphew and Marie-Joie Hughes, formerly of Pottery Barn and WIlliams-Sonoma

Marie-Joie Hughes

Bridgette Morphew & Jason Lyon

Monday, May 21

10:00 – 10:30am
Title: Awaking the World with EYEZ!
Description: Peat “EYEZ” Wollaeger is a stencil graffiti artist known globally for his colorful stencil patterns, portraits, large scale murals and his signature EYEZ waking up in-animate objects on the street. EYEZ will speak on his journey as an artist with excerpts from his TedTalk and will discuss the inspiration for his eye-conic “EYEZ”! SEE his evolution into audacious patterns, and how a simple message of awakening transcends art and in fact permeates through every fiber of our collective being. A bold, street-style stencil artist, he has taken an urban pulse and expresses it through open EYEZ. The EYEZ are the window to your SOUL…and he is here to help open the world’s EYEZ beyond the streets through patterns, fashion and products. Preview his work at or @EYEZ on Instagram.
Speaker: Peat Wollaeger, EYEZbrand

12:30pm - 1:00pm
Title: Products with Personality
Description: Join Nancy Fire, co-founder of Design Works International and HGTV HOME Design Director to discuss the latest trends in home and lifestyle and see how they translate into print, pattern, and color with a special focus on creative ways you can use them to customize your products for eye-catching appeal.

Speaker: Nancy Fire, Design Works International, HGTV Home

Nancy Fire
3:00pm – 3:30pm
Title: It’s Now a Millennial World
Description: Just seven years from now, Millennials will make up 75% of the U.S. workforce and the preponderance of households in the country. They are the engine driving disruption in the consumer products markets and retailing. Home Textiles Today editor-in-chief Jennifer Marks will discuss how home textiles product designers, brands and retailers are transforming to win their business.
Speaker: Jennifer Marks, Home & Textiles Today

Jennifer Marks

Tuesday, May 22

10:00 – 10:30am
Title: The Performative Surface
Description: The notion of performative surfaces reframes the perception of the interior surface, which has typically been considered a practice of decoration and personal taste, as one of function. The decorated surface might not only have visual appeal, it can also be interactive, foster a relationship between the space and its occupant and functionally correct and enhance the interior environment. This hypothesis is analyzed through case studies of curtains and wallpaper.
Speaker: Deborah Schneiderman, Pratt Institute

Deborah Schneiderman
12:30- 1:00pm
Title: Digital Technology Workshop for Surface Design
Description: Come see how you can take your design concept from start to finished product in the comfort of your own studio.

Digital printing has come a long way from mills and factories and can easily be brought directly into your design office, studio or home. Come with us as we walk you through the newest process of editing and manipulating a design from scan to repeat to color-ways and mapping. Then quickly crossover into the reality of having your design digitally printed for production, samples, or cut and sewn into a garment.

Speaker: Steve Greenberg, Pointcarre & Chris Moore, Stradaverde

Chris Moore

Steve Greenberg
3:00 - 3:30pm
Title: Global Design, A Reportage by Patti Carpenter
Description: Join us for an international journey with Maison & Objet's Global Trend Ambassador, Patti Carpenter as your Guide. You will discover emerging macro trends in Color, Print, Design and Materials, focusing on their influence in the U.S. Home Decor Industry. Explore the crossroads of Innovation + Design that will resonate for seasons to come.

Speaker: Patti Carpenter

Patti Carpenter